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IG Markets

IG Markets is focused chiefly on binary options and contracts for difference. The underlyings for binary options here are indices, currency pairs and a few commodities – no shares.

IG Market is a very large well-established company, founded in the UK back in 1974 and today being one of the components of the famous FTSE 250 index. IG Markets online is run by IG Markets Ltd with authorization from the UK Financial Conduct Authority. IG Market have also formed subsidiaries for certain local markets; the Swedish branch is for instance run by a Swedish subsidiary with authorization from the Swedish Financial Conduct Authority.


There is no welcome bonus at IG Markets.

VIP traders sometimes get VIP bonuses.


Most traders at IG Markets have a Standard Account, but there is also a Premium Account. The Premium Account is only available to high-volume traders that turns over a lot of money. The Premium Account comes with various perks, such as VIP service and marketing analysis. If you want to get a Premium Account right from the start, contact the support before you sign up and make your first deposit. Premium Accounts can be granted to clients who make a large enough first deposit. That way, you don’t have to start out with a Standard Account and wait for it to be upgraded to a Premium Account.

Demo Account

If you haven’t used the IG Market platform before, starting out with a Demo Account is a great way of learning how it works. You get 10 000 in play-money to make trades with, and you don’t risk losing any real money. The Demo Account is also a cool sandbox to hang in if you want to test a new trading strategy without risking real money.

The IG Market platform

The IG Market platform was developed specifically for IG Markets, so you wont encounter it at any other binary option site online. The platform is focused chiefly on binary option trading and trading in Contracts for Difference (CFD).

The platform is great for anyone interested in technical analysis, because a multitude of TA tools are integrated in the platform and you can make use of signals, warnings, market analysis, etc. There is roughly one hundred indicators to explore.

Mobile trading

Is your mobile device running on Android? Download the IG Market trading app from Google Play. Is you mobile device an Apple product? Download the IG Market trading app from Apple’s App Store.

About the binary options at IG Markets

IG Markets have a large selection of binary option types, including High/Low, Over/Under, Up/Down, Touch, Tunnel, and Steps.

30 second and 1 minute binary options are not available, but you can buy binary options that will expire 2 minutes after your purchase. The binary options with the longest lifespan at IG Markets expire one month after your purchase.

Binary options lasting 60 minutes or more are available from 6 EUR and upwards. Binary options with a shorter lifespan than that are not available for less than 20 EUR.

For most binary options at IG Markets, you can elect to close your open position prematurely instead of waiting for the option to expire.


Examples of currencies available as underlyings for binary options at IG Markets


Examples of indices available as underlyings for binary options at IG Markets

Schweiz Blue Chip FTSE 100 Italy40 USA Tech100
Wall Street USA500 Sweden30 Australia 200
Japan225 France40 Netherlands25 South Africa 40
Japan All-Share Germany 30 – terminer H-Shares China Spain35
ChinaA50 China 300 Hong Kong India50
Singapore Blue Chip      

Examples of commodities available as underlyings for binary options at IG Markets

Gold Silver Oil


The smallest possible deposit is €215.

Bank transfer, MasterCard and VISA are examples of transaction methods accepted by IG Markets. Withdrawals made through VISA and MasterCard are usually quicker than withdrawals through bank transfers. It is not unusual to have to wait five days or more between withdrawal request and the money landing in your bank account if you withdraw from IG Markets through a bank transfer.

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