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IQ Option

IQ Option is a fairly new addition to the world of binary options, but it has quickly grown popular since 10 USD is all you need to deposit to open a real-money account here. That is a really small sum when we consider that most other binary option brokers online require a first deposit of 200 USD or more. There is also a rich assortment of wallet friendly binary options available at IQ Option; some of them costs as little as 1 USD to purchase. This makes IQ Option a tempting choice for small-scale binary option traders.

IQ Option is available in several difference languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Behind IQ Option is a Cyprus-based company licensed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC).


If your first deposit to IQ Option is less than 1,000 USD your welcome bonus will be 80% of the deposit.

If your first deposit to IQ Option is at least 1,000 USD your welcome bonus will be 100% of the deposit (but not more than the bonus max).

With a Standard Account, you will get time-limited offers of deposit bonuses. The percentage varies, up to 80%.

With a VIP Account, you will get a bonus on each deposit. The percentage varies, up to 100%.

Cash back

The cash back is up to 45% for Standard Accounts and up to 60% for VIP Accounts.


Account type Info
Standard Account A 10 USD deposit is enough to get you a Standard Account at IQ Option.

Up to 80% loyalty bonus on deposits

Up to 45% cash back

Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 3 bank days

VIP Account A 1,000 USD deposit is required to get you a VIP Account at IQ Option.

Up to 100% loyalty bonus on deposits

Up to 60% cash back

Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 24 hours.

Personal manager

Monthly analysis of your trading

Demo Account

If you haven’t used IQ Option before, it is a good idea to start out with a Demo Account. With a demo account you trade using play-money instead of real money. It’s a great way of learning how the platform works without losing any real money in the process. No deposit is required to open a Demo Account at IQ Option.

Trading platform

The trading platform at IQ Option was developed specially for them; it is not a platform used by many different binary option brokers online. It is actually very easy to use, but contains both basic features and advanced features so it can feel a little overwhelming at first. This si true regardless of whether you want to trade binary options or forex.  There is for instance a lot of tools available for technical analysis, and trend warnings are displayed in real-time. The platform also have features the promote social interaction among traders. This part is of course completely optional; if you don’t want other people to be able to see what you’re doing on the platform you can just refrain from activating your networking profile. One popular feature of the IQ Option platform is the ability to follow certain traders and be inspired by their traders. There are even tools available for copying the trades of other traders.

You can log in to the platform using a separate username and password, or you can log in by going through your Facebook account or Google+ / Gmail.

Mobile trading

IQ Option has mobile trading apps available for both iOS and Android. You find the IQ Option trading app in the App Store and at Google Play, respectively. Both apps are developed to work well with both phones and tablets.

About the binary options at IQ Option

IQ Option has an excellent selection of Higher/Lower binary options. If you are looking for other types of binary options, there are many other brokers that will give you a bigger assortment to chose from.


Examples of shares available as underlyings for binary options at IQ Option

Banco Santander British Petroleum Deutsche Bank Bank of America
General Electric Commerzbank Goldman Sachs Coca-Cola
Qualcomm Apple SONY Microsoft
Bank of China Amazon Nike AIG
UniCredit Chevron Yahoo! Boeing
Google Orange Baidu Pfizer
Allianz Barclays RBS Sberbank
Morgan Stanley ICBC Citigroup Walmart
Verizon McDonalds GM Societe Generale
E.ON Cisco Facebook Mitsubishi
Rosneft Vodafone JPMorgan Chase China Mobile
HSBC Gazprom Intel Toyota

Examples of currencies available as underlyings for binary options at IQ Option



The smallest possible deposit is just 10 USD, which has made IQ Option a popular choice for small-scale traders who wants to try out binary options. Most other binary options sites do not allow deposits smaller than 200 USD. When it comes to withdrawals, IQ Option will usually process your request within three bank days. (Unless you have a VIP Account, because VIP traders get their withdrawal requests processed more rapidly.)

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